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CORONAVIRUS: How Bolton businesses are rallying together to sew scrubs for nurses

18 April 2020


BUSINESSES across Bolton have come together in the fight to make more scrubs for nurses and doctors.

By Live Clarke @liv_clarke News Reporter.

The textile industry is uniting, from providing the fabric to stitching it. They are joining a huge group of volunteers beavering away on their machines at home, and making the scrub production line possible.

Doreen Perkin, a seamstress who owns Stitched Up By Doreen, has been sewing scrubs.

She said: “I’m in the business and I know pattern-making, short cuts and I have contacts in the industry. I’ve been in touch with suppliers who’ve helped provide materials, either free or discounted.

“I put out an appeal online for fabric and had a really good response, within 12 hours Caledonian Quilting had donated 35 rolls of fabric. We get this fabric to the sewers who need it.

“There’s been such a huge demand for scrubs, I’ve had around 20 local nurses contact me, I’ve been producing around 25 to 30 sets of scrubs a week.”

Vicky Gillibrand, director of Caledonian Quilting, said: “We saw the appeal from Doreen and we realised that we did have surplus fabric in stock and we got together what we could and donated it.

“We also donated threads and other materials, and we lent a sewing machine to a lady who’s been making scrubs. We’re getting more surplus fabric together.

“We’re really happy to be involved. The mill is still open but we had to furlough six staff. Textiles is a forgotten industry and its absolutely great right now working with other businesses. all these people have suddenly popped up needing to sew, I’ve even dusted off my own sewing machine.

“It’s bringing everyone together to support the NHS. Hopefully some good will come from it. I’ve definitely made some lifelong friends these past couple of weeks.

Town Talk Polish produces cloths for polishing, but is now using its expertise to cut out the fabric. Managing director Andrew Smyth said: “We can cut out 100 scrubs in a couple of hours which would take an individual weeks to do.“

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